Today, we are a vibrant community of Christians, placed in the center of San Antonio to do Christ’s work.  We actively seek mission work and minister to the community daily.

“Forming Faithfulness to the love of God, we make disciples

….in traditional worship,

….through enlivened education,

….with service and honor to all.”

saintjohnsfrontOur mission statement summarizes all that we embody at St Johns.  Our traditional worship services incorporate the very best of liturgical music and arts to glorify God with all the gifts he has given us. Through our mission work in San Antonio and Solola, Guatemala we serve and honor all of God’s creation.

All are welcome, all are cherished Children of God. Positioned in the center of San Antonio, St. Johns has many historical ties in San Antonio. Please take the time to view our History and Archives section to learn more about where how we began as a congregation.