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Our Mission:  Remembering our heritage and reaching for the future by living in faith and growing through worship, study and service.

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Worship Service begins at 9:30 am.

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The heart of Christ in the heart of the city

Welcome to St. John’s Lutheran Church! 

As one of the oldest Lutheran congregations in all of Texas and known for many years as the “Lutheran Cathedral of the Southwest”, we are pleased to offer the traditional liturgy as our primary worship setting, and Holy Communion is celebrated each and every Sunday morning.  Believing that Christ is truly present in the consecrated bread and wine, all who wish to receive the Holy Sacrament are both invited and encouraged to do so. 

St John's Lutheran Church Family MinistriesWe provide First Communion instruction to children who have completed the 2nd Grade.  Baptismal instruction for all ages is also available. There are so many opportunities here at St. John’s for you to make a positive and lasting difference for yourself, your household, our community, and even beyond!

We warmly invite you to come, discover, and find your place among us.

Pastor Jim Dew

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