Traditional Worship

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Enlivened Education

Now enrolling for the fall, infants through 5th grade

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The Heart of Christ in the heart of the city!

We are a community of people baptized in Christ. Through our celebration of the sacraments and study of the Word, we are shaped by Grace into the servants God calls us to be.

We worship, work, and play together to grow as individuals, as families, and as a congregation in our living savior, Jesus Christ.

We provide group support to one another in times of need and celebration.

While taking pride in our rich heritage, we move forward to respond to individual, community, and world-wide needs which are of concern to all Christians.

We joyfully invite you to share in this ministry.

  • Should I fold my hands to pray?

    Should I fold my hands to pray?

      “Why is it that we bow our head, fold hands and close our eyes when we pray?” – Katrine Numme, Everett, Wash. Anne: My grandma taught me the prayer posture you describe. The bowed head/folded hands/closed eyes prayer posture helps me focus when I’m …

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    All are invited to God’s party

    By Delmer Chilton “As a Lutheran pastor serving an Episcopal parish, I sometimes found myself wearing the wrong liturgical clothes. It’s nothing important, just little variations. Like at an installation – Lutheran pastors would normally wear their alb and a stole the color of the …

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