The heart of Christ in the heart of the cityWe are a community of people baptized in Christ.  Through our celebration of the sacraments and study of the word, we are shaped by Grace into the servant God calls us to be.

We worship, work, and play together to grow as individuals, as families, and as a congregation in our living savior, Jesus Christ.

st-johns-lutheran-church-san-antonio-txWe provide group support to one another in times of need and celebration.

While taking pride in our rich heritage, we move forward to respond to individual, community, and world-wide needs which are of concern to all Christians.

We joyfully invite you to share in this ministry.

Latest Blog Posts

2401, 2015

When God’s love seems too great.

By Delmer Chilton

“For most of the 21st century, the West has lived in fear of Islamist fanaticism. We have fought a long war, calling it a “War on Terror.” In the last year or so […]

2001, 2015

Why do we trust the Bible?

“Why do we put so much trust in the Bible?” – submitted by a student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Lutheran Campus Ministry

Rosanne: The Bible is for many Christians both “Story and Promise” […]