Our traditional Christian Education hour has not been reaching the majority of our members, and we are making changes to be more responsive and minister to our membership.

Luther wrote the small catechism for parents and the large catechism for pastors, he knew it would take a village to raise faithful children. Parents form the foundation for their child’s faith from an early age. Why not empower parents, families (of all shapes, sizes and ages) to welcome Christian Education back into their homes, on a daily basis?

How do we do this?

The foundation for this plan centers on a beautiful, and simple idea created by Dr. Rich Melheim, a Lutheran Pastor. Each home will be invited to begin using the Faith 5 every night. Briefly, the Faith 5 is five faith acts shared in the home together each evening

1. Share something good and something bad that happened to each person that day
2. Read a bible verse (remember this, we will come back to it)
3. Discuss the bible verse and how it helps you when thinking of the family’s high’s and low’s
4.Pray for each other’s high’s and low’s
5.Bless each other

Don’t worry, we are not proposing we put up a poster of this and tell everyone “good luck” then cancel Sunday school for the rest of the year. Here is how we empower families and our Family of St. John’s to take back Christian Education.

1st Sunday of every month, following worship, we gather for a Pot Luck lunch and we share the months’ worth of Christian Education materials, a 2 sided “fridge page” holds the lectionary readings for the entire month (that’s the readings we use on Sundays!) and instructions for the Faith5. This allows us to further explore the readings each week following worship with our families. Remember those bible readings we would need for Faith 5, here they are! The back side of this page has basic ideas further exploration of the lessons as a family. Some ideas are for children, some are all ages, and some are for adults.

Best part, all of this and more resides on our Church Pinterest page, reminders and conversation starters will go out on our Facebook page, and the “fridge page” along with other information will reside on our website, making all of this shareable, and able to get if you can’t make it to church one Sunday!

So what do we do the other Sundays of the month? Gather in Memorial Hall for fellowship following worship, with the following stations provided for everyone:

  • Pastor Skip will be available to further discuss his homily and the readings.

  • Ms. Katie will provide a Christian Education area with activities for children, but encouraging all ages to visit and participate as it takes a village to raise a child.

  • The council will have a representative available for questions, ideas or concerns.

  • Music Ministry team will be present to share with the community

  • 3 Community areas are reservable for ministry teams who want to share something special with the community

  • Pastor Judi and Rona Stinson will continue to lead our confirmation/high school class during this time on the 3rd floor.

  • Pastor Mel will also lead his adult bible study in the Library

Don’t hear something you want, no problem! Speak to our Family Min team, and let’s see what we can help you accomplish. Rather than dedicate our resources to filling up classrooms, this allows us to direct our resources where we see a need. You are invited to imagine the possibilities for our village. Our Music ministry team is already excited about Hymn sings and member led music. Ministry teams can coordinate with council to host info sessions on upcoming events, if we have a meeting, we are not cancelling Christian Ed, we are just accommodating the meeting, and Christian Education continues in the homes that week as it has been.