Beyond the doorway (the door is not a part of the Narthex symbols but belongs to the Chapel proper): The upper panes of glass show the BOOK OF LIFE in which our names are written in heaven, the MORNING STAR of which God says, “I will give him (the redeemed) the morning star,” the THRONE OF GOD before which we are to appear, and the CROWN OF LIFE which God will give to those who are faithful unto death.

The lower set of panes depict the WATER OF LIFE as mentioned in Revelation 21: “I will give water of the fountain of the water of life”; also the comforting promise that God will wipe away all tears from our eyes, the fact that we are to live in the Holy City, New Jerusalem, and finally that just as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden ate of the tree which brought them death, so in heaven we are to eat of the tree of life which is to give us an eternal existence.

The doorway leading into the Educational Building shows two symbols of Christ—the ROCK OF OUR SALVATION AND THE ANCHOR OF OUR SOUL.

The left front window is the Resurrection Window. It has six symbols: The first is that of the EMPTY TOMB. The second is that of the ANGEL BLOWING A TRUMPET: “at the last trump all that are in the grave shall hear His voice and shall come forth.” The third is that of the VICTORY CROWN AND WREATH reminding us of I Corinthians 15 which says: “O death, where is thy sting; O grave, where is thy victory.”

The bird in the bottom panel is a PHOENIX, a mythical bird that after it dies and is burned comes to life again out of the fire. This is the symbol of the Resurrection. So is the BUTTERFLY than comes to life out of the lifeless cocoon as is the BURSTING POMEGRANATE which signifies life bursting out of the tomb.

So we have the “Hall of Memories” which is to remind us of our blessed dead and the fact that a saving God has promised them a resurrection and eternal life. Let us give glory to Him who has destined us for these marvelous experiences.

Finally, let us point out that the mosaic over the Chapel doors reading: “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” is designed to be an invitation to enter the Chapel and commune with God our Savior. May we accept His gracious invitation and often quietly enter the Chapel to kneel and pray.