St John’s accompanies Sololá, Guatemala

This small mountain community in Guatemala is a sister community to the St John’s Family. In 2011, a scout team traveled there from St. John’s to begin forming a relationship. Shortly following Sr. Mateo Calal traveled to San Antonio to further this bond.

Our two communities shared the common goals of education for our children and building faithful families.  We chose to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Sololá, as we work for this common goal.

In June of 2012 St. John’s was the sending community for a mission trip to Sololá. This group came from all over the United States, and traveled together for a week of work in Guatemala, ranging from medical and spiritual help, to construction of a retaining wall and beginning a library. Even the children of St. John’s were able to participate, sending a yearlong stewardship offering of over $1200 to assist in a playground build.

In June of 2013 a 2nd group will travel to Sololá, Guatemala to continue to build the bonds between our communities. We a strong supporting community is the foundation of a successful mission trip. Join us as we pray for and support our mission team this June.