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Christianity and Gratitude

"Every Thanksgiving I pull out my favorite Billy Collins poem, “The Lanyard.” The poet opens the dictionary to the “L” section one day and his eyes fall upon a word he hasn’t thought about in years. [...]

Military Veterans and the Church

"With Veterans’ Day upon us, it’s good to remember the 20 million of them who live among us. Some are members of our congregations and worship in our midst. Each one entered the military for a variety [...]

Overcoming Hate – How the Church Fits In

"Less than a week before Dan Roschke started his call as pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran in Fairfax, Va., the church was vandalized in a June 26 hate crime. He arrived to find racial slurs, [...]

Younger people are less religious than older people.

The Age Gap in Religion is Primarily a Christian Problem.  Younger people are less religious than older people. Across the board, this proves to be true. Doesn’t really matter what country one observes or [...]

Do Children Think Church is Boring?

"Brutal honesty time. Sometimes, my kids think church is “boring.” My middle child has definitely fallen asleep on her dad’s lap right in the middle of a 9:30 service.  My oldest has made the most [...]

Are Kids a Distraction in Church?

"A few weeks ago, I shared a post about a card a church had given out inviting parents who brought their kids to “enjoy the remainder of the service” in the lobby so others could “engage with [...]

Fellowship and Community – Why Do We Do It?

"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42 That word, fellowship, is an interesting one.  The word in Greek is “koininia” which literally means “come together.”  In [...]

What Would Jesus Do? Did Jesus Get Angry?

"In a discussion I was once involved in regarding the inclusion of children in corporate worship, someone made this statement: “I think whenever you start including children in worship, you should expect a certain amount [...]

What Brings People Back to Church?

"Last week, Christian comedian John Crist posted a picture on his Instagram account that he had been tagged in. It was a card that someone had been handed at a church they recently visited that said, “Thank [...]

Raising Children in a Digital Age

"Have unwanted graphic texts, violent video games, pornography, cyber bullying, sexting, or screen addiction been a concern for you as a parent children in this cyber age? Do you feel overwhelmed in figuring out how [...]