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Practical Discipleship Ideas for Parents

"We have recently moved into a new home, which is why you’ve heard a bit less from me than normal. That being said, each of our kids were given a small budget from which they [...]

Keeping the Family Together at Church

"A recent article in Children’s Ministry Magazine made the following statement, “The predominant mind-set in Christian education concerning families has long been that to “strengthen the whole you must strengthen the parts.” But families need more from church [...]

Balance of Sadness and Goodness for Our Kids

"I once worked with a personal trainer who started my 150 hours with her by doing an evaluation of my current fitness level. I admit; I went into the whole thing a little proud of [...]

The Christian Label – What Does it Mean?

"Recently, Pew Research released their latest findings regarding the religious landscape in America. The numbers weren’t shocking, if you keep up on those types of things. Roughly 70% of Americans affiliate with the Christian faith, 23% claim no [...]

Children Will Copy What You Say and Do

"The other day I watched a young mother talking with some friends and behind her, unbeknownst to her, her young daughter was watching her and imitating her hand gestures. I don’t think anyone but me [...]

Sensationalism and the Church

"Sensationalism.   You gotta love it right?   Today I got to see “Six Life-Saving Coin Hacks!” which consisted of using a quarter as a screwdriver and as a means to secure one’s skirt while [...]

Church or Family? – Summer’s Dilema

"Last day of school!!! Ours is Friday; I bet yours is soon or you’ve already had it.  The official start to summer is here.  Summer vacation means sleeping in, sunny days, water sports, sandy beaches, [...]