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Are Kids a Distraction in Church?

"A few weeks ago, I shared a post about a card a church had given out inviting parents who brought their kids to “enjoy the remainder of the service” in the lobby so others could “engage with [...]

Fellowship and Community – Why Do We Do It?

"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42 That word, fellowship, is an interesting one.  The word in Greek is “koininia” which literally means “come together.”  In [...]

What Would Jesus Do? Did Jesus Get Angry?

"In a discussion I was once involved in regarding the inclusion of children in corporate worship, someone made this statement: “I think whenever you start including children in worship, you should expect a certain amount [...]

What Brings People Back to Church?

"Last week, Christian comedian John Crist posted a picture on his Instagram account that he had been tagged in. It was a card that someone had been handed at a church they recently visited that said, “Thank [...]

Raising Children in a Digital Age

"Have unwanted graphic texts, violent video games, pornography, cyber bullying, sexting, or screen addiction been a concern for you as a parent children in this cyber age? Do you feel overwhelmed in figuring out how [...]

Family Ministry – When Kids Come to Church Alone

"I’ve heard some concerned discussion lately regarding family ministry especially as it pertains to reaching children who do not have engaged caregivers or believing parents in their home. Specifically the concern is, if our ministry [...]

Discipleship and Our Children – Who’s Job is It?

"It’s the parent’s job to disciple the children. Have you heard this statement?  Maybe phrased something like this: The Church gets 40 hours/year, the Schools get 2,000 hours/year, Parents get 3,000 hours/year – It’s YOUR job [...]

Discipleship in the home

"For some, these words bring a sense of affirmation and anticipation; a hearty “Amen” in the heart. For others, the reaction to hearing these words can be quite different. One of the things I noticed [...]

Do We Actually Pray for our Country?

"Today, America celebrates their Independence Day. 242 years ago, a group of men added their signatures a document that would eventually be sent across the Atlantic Ocean to the King of England declaring their independence [...]

Four Easy Ways to Connect with Family

"If you eat dinner with the Embree family, no doubt that right after we pray, you’ll hear our youngest child yell this out.  It has become part of our dinnertime DNA and something that [...]