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Do We Actually Pray for our Country?

"Today, America celebrates their Independence Day. 242 years ago, a group of men added their signatures a document that would eventually be sent across the Atlantic Ocean to the King of England declaring their independence [...]

Four Easy Ways to Connect with Family

"If you eat dinner with the Embree family, no doubt that right after we pray, you’ll hear our youngest child yell this out.  It has become part of our dinnertime DNA and something that [...]

Technology, Devices, Children and Faith

"When I was young, my dad once shared with me that often times growing up, I would hear two sides to a story. Like a pendulum, opinions on things would swing from one side to [...]

What is Relevant with Discipleship and Kids?

"One of my favorite television shows is Sherlock. I love his character, based on the book kid, but fleshed out in the show by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. One if the concepts that Sherlock employs as [...]

Parenting in the Social Media Age

"On Sunday, I joined with a group from our church to walk through the streets of Lexington for the Lexington Mural Challenge Scavenger Hunt. In Lexington there are over a hundred murals painted on the sides [...]

Summertime and Church

"Last day of school!!! Ours was Friday; I bet yours is soon or you’ve already had it.  The official start to summer is here.  Summer vacation means sleeping in, sunny days, water sports, sandy beaches, campfires, [...]

The Question of Church Attendance

"It’s no secret. Attendance at church across the board is down…depending on what metric you use and what statistics you look at. But for the most part, it’s safe to say, that regular weekly attendance [...]

We Don’t Need to Improve Easter

"Today is Palm Sunday. It’s the first day of Holy Week, our celebration of the final week of Christ’s life, his death, and, finally and most gloriously, his resurrection.  It is also most famously known [...]

Children and the Season of Lent

“I wanna go home.” The other day my tired son mumbled these words and I started laughing. “You are home,” I told him as I tucked him into bed. We both kinda laughed but I [...]