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Does God Repeat Himself?

"Most nights before bed, I tuck in my son with a story. We started with the Jesus Storybook Bible, moved on to the I Am Bible (which he insisted we read at least three times through) and then…we [...]

Kids Are Ready to Know Christ

"Imagine with me for a second what it would look like if you walked into church and the pews were filled with children and youth. In fact, imagine with me that it looked exactly [...]

Practical Discipleship and Valentine’s Day

"Valentines’ Day is just around the corner. For some, this is cause for rejoicing because the day brings love and lots of chocolate. For others, not so much. I remember as a single girl [...]

The Church Experience is More Than Just Sermons

"When our oldest daughter was preschool age, she was obsessed with The Nutcracker Suite. Well, let’s be honest, it was the Barbie version, but she loved it. She would dress up like a princess and dance [...]

Church is More Than Just a Building

"As many of you know, I am involved with a church plant in Lexington, Kentucky. Recently, my husband and I had a chance to sit down with our bishop and in our conversation, this [...]

Family Ministry – Give the Children a Voice

"The other day I was speaking with my daughter (11 years old) about our neighbors. “I really like them,” she said. “Me too! Why do you like them?” I asked. “Because when I talk, they [...]

Helping kids learn stewardship

"When my children were 13 and 10, their understanding of our weekly giving could be summarized by the reaction to our end-of-year giving statement from church. It reported that we actually gave more than [...]

The Future of Christianity

"Each year, Pew Research Center releases its top findings of the year on a variety of topics from political to social to religious. This year there was no lack of interesting findings on any of these [...]

Should God Be Allowed in Public Schools?

“If you think Jesus should be allowed back in schools, click “Like” and Share!” “New Law  in Kentucky allows Bible to be taught in school. Do you Agree or Disagree?” “God was kicked out [...]

Advent: The Anticipation of Christ’s Arrival

"I know, Thanksgiving comes first. And I do love Thanksgiving. The food, the family, the opportunity to express gratitude for all those things and more. But Advent is probably my favorite celebration of the [...]