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Jesus Doesn’t Use Gold Stars or Checkmarks

"My friend started a chore chart when her child turned 4. Her daughter earned a shiny star each time she completed a task listed on the chart. Once the child asked if she could go [...]

Do You Know Who You Are? Jesus Knows

"Thad Eure was secretary of state in North Carolina for over 50 years, from the 1930s into the 1980s. He was an entertaining and informative speaker who usually referred to himself as “the oldest rat [...]

Don’t Give Up on Prayer

"The book of Daniel is filled with wonderful stories concerning a fiery furnace, mysterious handwriting on a wall and a den of large lions—tales of bravery and fidelity addressing how to keep the faith in [...]

Prayer – Talking to God in Different Ways

"My lifelong experiences of prayer were formed when I was very young. They began with learning to pray—always with words—in all the places young children are wont to do: prayers before meals, bedtime prayers, prayers in worship. Come [...]

Spirituality and Tweets

"In 2018, untamed tweets often make headlines. James 3:1-12, one of our lectionary readings for September, addresses the human tendency to let words run rampant, even in the pre-Twitter world of the first century. “No one [...]

Following Jesus : Stop or Go?

"The rules of driving are easy. A red light means stop, and a green light means go. Even young children who can’t drive yet know what these lights mean. However, sometimes when we follow Jesus, [...]

Lutheran Independence: Faith, Freedom and Compassion

"Freedom is a quintessentially Lutheran and American ideal. Yet as ELCA members approach Independence Day, it’s important for us to acknowledge where Lutheran and American notions of freedom diverge. A founding parent of the United States, Benjamin [...]

Leaders in Church

"When we think of leaders in the early church, the first two people who come to mind are probably Peter and Paul. Peter was the “blockhead” turned into “the rock.” Paul was the persecutor turned evangelist who [...]

A Child of God Through Baptism

"I’m a Lumbee American Indian and an ELCA pastor. For a long time I struggled with my sense of belonging in my community and in the church. As I grew older, that changed. In [...]

Forgiving Sins Against You in a Digital Age

"OK, class, let’s take it from the top. “If another member of the church sins against you, stew about it a good, long while and when you’ve calmed down, gather as many like-minded people as [...]