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Comparing Sacrament and Culture

“What is the benefit of such eating and drinking? The words ‘given for you’ and ‘shed for you for the forgiveness of sin’ show us that forgiveness of sin, life, and salvation are given to [...]

Lutheran Ministry In Crisis

"Our church has a current and growing crisis in terms of what is often called our “public ministry.” Following Martin Luther’s great insight on Christian vocation, we believe every one of us is a minister [...]

Daily Bread is so Much More than Food

"Editor’s note: “Give us this day our daily bread,” Jesus teaches us to pray (Matthew 6:11). This rich metaphor of “daily bread” can be lost on us as we are now more likely to buy bread [...]

Reconciliation is an Important Biblical Word

"I recall reading somewhere that summer reunions are the bread and butter for many working therapists. Much of the pain we inflict upon each other occurs within the human family. In more than 30 years [...]

A Spiritual Network – Christ’s Presence in the World

"A few years ago, advertiser-turned-pastor Shane Hipps juxtaposed two stories about cellphones. In one story, he and his brother sped from the airport toward their dying mother. Cellphones allowed them to say their goodbyes in [...]

The Spiritual Lessons of Walking

"I love to walk. It’s in my bones. When I’m feeling nervous or unsure, I walk. When I’m excited and itching to get outdoors, I walk. When I need inspiration, I walk. When I don’t [...]

Pentecost and the Ripple Effect

"As we soon begin the celebration of Pentecost, we find a great example of the ripple effect. Recently, our regular babysitter had to cancel because her son got sick, so we had to find another [...]

Why Church Attendance Slumps During Summer

"Vacations. Camp. Sports, family commitments and learning opportunities. There are myriad reasons why church attendance slumps at our congregations during summer. In many churches, this is seen as a problem. What if, instead of “missing [...]

Marching Where We are Needed

“I belong to Christ, and you belong to Christ, and together, we get to march in the parade led by the Holy Spirit,” said Rev. Lydia Posselt from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, [...]