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God doesn’t stop calling God’s people

"In the Lutheran church we talk a lot about callings. Martin Luther preached that everyone is called into the priesthood of believers, bearing witness to Jesus in all we say and do. Luther himself [...]

Christian Education – Is Faith Shifting?

"I’m a religious educator—I have been for more than 30 years—and so I tend to think in terms of memory cues. In a Christian context, that often means thinking in threes: the three persons [...]

Christianity and Safety – Are We Safe?

"I’m sitting at my neighborhood coffee shop, thousands of miles away from the ostensibly dangerous Central American migrants threatening to cross the U.S. border. Miles, even, from the more murderous neighborhoods of my city (Minneapolis), [...]

The Bible – A Historical Document

"Most of us in the religion business can relate to this scenario: you are on a plane and end up sitting next to someone who asks you, “What do you do for a living?” Over [...]

Reformation Day and Hope

"Today, Oct. 31, is Reformation Day. As the church remembers 501 years of the Protestant Reformation, we are also reminded of our need for Jesus. Given recent incidents of hate, intolerance and violence, Jesus’ message and way of [...]

Lutheran History – Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

"Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (1711-1787) was a prominent American Lutheran pioneer pastor, church planter, organizer, administrator, liturgist and chronicler. Sent by Halle Pietists in 1742 to counter Moravian incursions among German Lutherans in Pennsylvania, Muhlenberg succeeded [...]

Children Are the Church’s Most Precious Asset

"In August, a Pennsylvania grand jury released a statement on clergy sex abuse in Roman Catholic parishes in the state. The allegations named 300 priests and more than 1,000 child victims. With all the cultural [...]

Empowered by the Spirit of Truth

"In 1959, Philip Roth published “The Conversion of the Jews,” an amusing short story about Ozzie Freedman, 13, who is driving his rabbi crazy with questions about the divinity of Jesus and the virgin birth. [...]

Jesus Doesn’t Use Gold Stars or Checkmarks

"My friend started a chore chart when her child turned 4. Her daughter earned a shiny star each time she completed a task listed on the chart. Once the child asked if she could go [...]