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Why Church Attendance Slumps During Summer

"Vacations. Camp. Sports, family commitments and learning opportunities. There are myriad reasons why church attendance slumps at our congregations during summer. In many churches, this is seen as a problem. What if, instead of “missing [...]

Marching Where We are Needed

“I belong to Christ, and you belong to Christ, and together, we get to march in the parade led by the Holy Spirit,” said Rev. Lydia Posselt from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, [...]

If Your Church Closed its Doors Tomorrow

“If your church closed its doors tomorrow, would the surrounding community notice?” I imagine many of us have heard this line. It’s meant to encourage a congregation to be an active presence in their [...]

The Power of Retreats is Found in Communion

"I love just about everything to do with retreats: getting away, laughing, storytelling, being outside, campfires, Bible study, deep sharing, exploring and sharing food. I’m always up for going on a retreat. In high school [...]

Pastor to a Purple Congregation

"When you pull into the church parking lot on a Sunday morning, you see remnants of the scuffle on the car bumpers: “I’m With Her” alongside “Make America Great Again,” with some Bernie Birds and [...]

Why did Jesus die? Questions and Answers

"This Holy Week we’re gearing up for the familiar story of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. We’re about to celebrate the foundational story of who we are as Christians. But why did Jesus die? [...]

As Goes Jesus, So Goes Life

"Jesus does two incredible things in John 11. He weeps at death. He calls forth life. Jesus must know, somehow, that he has the power to raise Lazarus to life. But before he calls [...]

Pondering Eternity – Heaven and Hell

"It is a fundamental conviction of Christians that life as we know it is not all there is—there is more to and beyond our temporal existence. The totality of God’s [...]

As Goes Jesus, So Goes Love

"When I was a little girl, a beloved Sunday school teacher gave me a small ivory cross with the words “John 3:16” etched on one side and the entirety of the verse—“For God so [...]