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Five Ways to Keep the Family Together at Church

"A recent article in Children’s Ministry Magazine made the following statement, “The predominant mind-set in Christian education concerning families has long been that to “strengthen the whole you must strengthen the parts.” But families need more from church [...]

What We Remember About Easter

"The other day, my daughter and I were reminiscing about Easter celebrations past, specifically about our Easter egg hunts. I used to wake up early on Sunday morning and hide eggs throughout the woods behind [...]

Reframing Repentance for Our Kids

"When it comes to being a parent, I think one of the trickiest lines to walk is the line of confession and repentance. I mean think about it. We want our kids to come and [...]

One Word We Get Wrong In Family Ministry

"Having just returned from a wonderful children’s ministry conference (CM Conference 2017 by CM Connect) I was struck by something that I hear said repeatedly, but erroneously, in regards to family ministry. It’s said with [...]

10 Ways to Beat Selfishness

"Selfishness can be an uncomfortable topic. We want to think we are better than the pettiness of selfish actions and attitudes. Yesterday I realized things I was upset about really came down to…being too caught up [...]

No Time for Discipleship at Home

"One thing parents often say to me when I am talking about discipleship in the home is, “How?”  The following explanation goes something like this: We are so busy (tired, full schedule) that we are [...]